XTS have been providing podcast solutions since 2004.

Learn how to record, edit, publish, promote, and profit from your podcast. XTS will teach you the tools you need to produce a high-quality podcast. From the basics of deciding what to podcast about to more difficult equipment setups. We will make it easy for you to understand.

Our Podcasting Solutions

Media Professionals
Our team hold Masters Degrees in TV & Radio broadcasting and have worked with National Radio stations.
Podcast Training
XTS run regular training courses and webinars for podcasting with step by step tutorials.
From picking a name, choosing a podcast host, setting up your blog let XTS guide you through the steps.
XTS will guide you to producing a professional sounding podcast, choosing the best Podcasting software, the show style and the correct hardware required.
XTS will teach you tips and tricks that will save you HOURS in getting the word out about your podcast.
Podcast Editing
Learn how to edit your podcast or let XTS edit your podcast for you with our professional audio editing services.
Whether you're new to podcasting or have an established show XTS offer a professional consultancy service. We specialise in making your brand sound right for your audience.
XTS work with Voiceover artists from around the world to make sure you have the correct idents for your podcast brand.
XTS can troubleshoot any technical issues you may have before, during or after you record your podcast.
Let XTS assist with the design of artwork to promote your brand.